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Monday, October 7, 2013

Recently, I was out in public with both kids and I went into a public restroom to change Tucker's diaper (props to me for actually finding the restroom... at this age it'd be so much easier to just change his diaper on the floor and move on, but people tend to frown on that).

Tucker was crying as I changed his diaper because he'd just woken up and was hungry. A lady comes up to me as I finish changing his diaper and says "I can see that you're a new mom, but you know- babies cry for a reason, and you need to figure out what that reason is."

Ummm. Really. 

Babies cry for a reason?

Mind blown. 

I laughed. Especially when he moved on to the more annoying- parents of grown children who criticize parents (see above scenario). 

But then I also realized I'm guilty as charged. I see other parents with children who throw things at them, or have a yelling match, or are generally acting like horrible brats and judge the parents. I take these opportunities to observe behaviors, parent and child, around me and make mental notes of things I do and don't like, and things I plan to do or not do. And though this is probably just part of figuring out parenting in an attempt to avoid trying every parenting technique... we (I) can be a little kinder. 

How often have I wished someone would help me rather than stare? Or lost my cool after a particularly challenging day? Or been mortified at my child's behavior in public? 

Here's to trying a little harder to be a little better...


shells said...

I had a similar experience last week. I needed some basic groceries and I knew I could be in and out in less than 20 minutes. Nap time just started so I stopped in the store and as babies will do .. he rearranged his schedule and woke up just at the end of my list. I headed to the check out while he was starting to fuss. He was really getting into telling me what was up as I was checking out. Two ladies in line behind me asked how old. I replied five weeks and they gasped and told me he was much to young to be out in public and that he obviously needed something. I smiled, got my receipt and headed out. I wanted to tell them we had been taking him in out in public since he was two weeks old and it wasn't a habit of mine to let hobos lick him so I thought he would be ok. We live less than five blocks from the grocery store so I knew he wasn't going to starve or sit in anything for 'too long'. funny how people aren't afraid to share their opinions on your children. ;)

Whitney B. said...

Depending on my mood I don't think I would have taken that woman's comment very well.... I either would have laughed or told her off, seriously just depending on my mood. I love to people watch and observe other parents with their kids, lots of learning is avaible that way! You are a fantastic mother Carla!!

Kaley said...

Now, I don't have children, and I've done my share of inventory (scoping out parenting situations and making mental notes about do's and dont's). But that's crazy that she felt like she needed to point that out to you. Because you don't have a perfectly healthy 2 year-old standing next to you. And because you're not in the middle of taking care of a possible "reason" he could be crying.

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