We're gonna have a good time

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cary turned the big 2-8!

We started the day with Daily Donuts (they're delicious... mmm) and presents!

I think Cary's favorite was the lottery scratch off's I got him.
(He LOVES playing the lottery,
but obviously we realize gambling is wrong and a waste of money we don't have...
so he only gets to buy a ticket if the jackpot gets over $300 million....
and his birthday!)

He won $12!

We were both pretty stoked! The lottery is a lot more fun when you win.

We didn't really get any other time with Cary between work and young men's that night, but I made him some delicious black and white cupcakes to share with the boys.

I think turning 28 wasn't too bad.


Whitney B. said...

I seriously wish we lived closer. I think Cary and R would get along great! Happy Birthday to him and those donuts and cupcakes look deeeeeelicious!

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