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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tucker is 2 months old!

We made it! 
Well almost, I really don't consider newborn phase over until the 3 month mark.

We sure love this little guy. He's still my perfect baby. He sleeps great as far as newborns go! He really only cries when he's hungry (which is often... but at least I know exactly what's the problem). He does eat ALL the time. This is frustrating for Zoey, but we're falling into a rhythm.
She LOVES helping with Tucker and gets very upset with me if I don't pick him up the minute he starts fussing. 

Tidbits about Tucker:
-weighs 11 lb 6 oz (30% and 30% for height)
-outgrown most of his newborn clothes, but still kind of drowning in the 0-3 months
-size 1 diapers around 6 weeks! (it felt like it took zoey forever to outgrow nb diapers)
-he can stand on his legs while I hold his hands for a long time
-he's great at holding his head up
-HATES tummy time
-likes the moby wrap
-still very stoic... if you get a smile out of him, consider yourself lucky
-easy going and chill 95% of the time, the other 5% well... 
watch out, he's got a fierce "tippets temper"


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