When the days are cold and the cards all fold

Sunday, October 27, 2013

For those friends not from North Carolina... our state fair is legendary.

It's seriously awesome.

I haven't been anywhere else that has a state fair quite as great.

If you'd like to fly out next October, I'd be happy to take you and show it off.

That being said... taking the littles makes enjoying the fair a little more challenging.

But we had a good time.
We met up with Grandma and Grandpa much to Zoey's excitement... she didn't want anything to do with us the rest of the fair.

The Giant Adirondack chair

And as always the fried foods are a guilty pleasure we look forward to all year... the highlight this year... deep fried samoa girl scout cookies, mmm warm coconut caramel chocolate gooey-ness. Yum.

(Tucker was there. He got 4 vaccinations that morning though, and slept through most of the fair.)


Whitney B. said...

State fairs are the best!

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