May be simpler than it seems

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ok, I'm not a sponsored blog.

And I'm not a fashion blogger (I cringe anytime someone gets me in a photo).

And I definitely wouldn't normally talk about undergarments on a public forum...


Have you heard of

Day No. 25 Pushup

It's a bra shopping experience that isn't painful! Crazy talk you say? No, seriously, not painful.

You find your fit through a quick questionnaire, then they provide all the possible options based on your questionnaire, you pick 3, their experts pick 2 and they're shipped free to your door! Keep the one's you like and send back the one's you don't.

Seriously, no creepy sales people asking to fit you, or other invasions of personal space.

Love it.

(And they just sent me a promo code for $25 off $100, promo: PPTRKA... enjoy.)


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