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Saturday, August 2, 2008

I need a roommate. Or to be more correct, I need my roommates to be home once in a blue moon. Or I need a friend. Will you be my friend?

Seriously, though, I'm searching for jobs and sometimes I stumble across the most ridiculous job advertisements, which just ache to be aprreciated (a.k.a. mocked) by more than my lowly self. And yet, I sit here... alone, chuckling and wondering if these advertisements are truly out there in cyberspace for the world's entertainment or if someone hacked into my computer and planted them just for me. I'm pretty sure it's the former, which is almost more dismal.

Anyhow, there's also this other position. It's this successful businessman (runs 3 companies) who is looking for a personal assistant (female) who also has an exercise/health background, is organized, and can handle phone calls and meetings with important people. Sounds right up my alley, right? The job is part-time, pays well, and involves lots of paid international travel. Should one actually apply for such a job? Sadly, with the world we live in today, I wonder whether he is just a beast to work for or a serial rapist putting out a rather clever job ad to lure in innocent girls. Well, since I have nobody to discuss said job with, if I end up applying, please watch for me on Dateline.


Petey said...

I'll be your friend. But not your roommate. BYU isn't so into that, gay or not. Well probably especially gay since that's two strikes.

And I'm sure the guy's legit. But just in case, I'll tivo all the msnbc special reports.

If he's not a rapist, it could be your dream job. Assuming you can sell smart cookies on the side.

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