Everybody go, the party's over.... I want to be alone in my head in my bed tonight

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm finding lots of jobs that would lead me to places that provide less than optimal social scenes (google: Supai, Arizona). Some days I think so what... a social life is over-rated. I could be completely happy going to work, going to the gym for a couple hours and then settling into my bed to enjoy a couple netflix delivered hours of mindless entertainment. Could I though?

The same girl who sinks into a pit of despair when she realizes not one person texted her today, who would rather sit at Macaroni Grill an hour after her shift ends just to chat, who started blogging so she's not talking out loud to herself, do you think this girl can handle a practically non-existent social life in a town where she knows no one? (Although that seemed like a run-on sentence, I think that sentence is actually grammatically correct, amazing...)


Petey said...

Not if your netflix is delivered by mule. I'm sure that adds to the time without movies and therefore more time to entertain depressing thoughts like why you live in nowhere, u.s.a. and creative ways to end it all.

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