Seriously! Seriously?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do you ever watch a movie and wonder how the heck it won so many awards? I mean I'm talking an Oscar for Best Picture for goodness sakes. Best Picture? Really? Was this movie really the best picture for said year? Well, that's just sad, because I then immediately assume that the rest of the films produced that year must have been pretty bleak. This has happened in recent years, but I've been watching a lot of old Best Pictures Oscar winners and I've been so disappointed. Shouldn't a "best picture" be able to transcend time and appeal to the masses even generations later?

Well, perhaps it's just me. Let's be honest, I love the orignial Buffy the Vampire Slayer... so what do I know about best pictures.


Petey said...

If you're referencing Titanic or Crash, then you do have a point... Even though Titanic is the most romantic movie in cinema history, or was that biggest pile of sh*t in cinema history? I forget.

Ah well. The academy is all politics, which is why its fun to watch, rant and mourn the decisions. We'll have to have an oscar party this year.

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