You've got the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen

Friday, August 22, 2008

I've always hated those girls who planned out their whole wedding down to the most ridiculous detail when they were in high school. Or before they were even engaged for that matter. It always seemed kind of selfish to assume that everything would be exactly how you want it, when there is someone else with whom you are sharing the day. Not to mention, the fact that for many people their taste in clothing, music, and color schemes changes during the 5-10 years between high school and "the big day."

Yet, as is becoming rather common for me, I feel that I need to eat my own words and confess that I've become a total hypocrite. Despite my best efforts, as I've watched many of my friends get married in the past year, I've decided on a lot of preferences in relation to weddings and I'm sad to admit I do have a less than vague idea of what i want.

So, let me step out of reality for a moment and share some of these with you. Opinions are welcome, but I can't promise that I'll care what you have to say, because it'll be my (and some guy's) party and I can pretty much do whatever I want.

My vision is pretty much limited to the apparrel, the food, and more recently the dancing. I've already designed my wedding dress (my mom is a most talented seamstress, who is very accomodating when it comes to my designs), and it's a very casual dress reminiscent of a beach wedding (but obviously won't be, because I'm getting married in the temple). I want the guys in the wedding party to be wearing tan suits and rainbows (the flip flops). I also want the girls to be in a more casual summery dress (oh, yeah this fantasy is contingent on a summer wedding). I hate when the guys are in tux's and the girls are in sunday dress (or vice versa, satin dresses and slacks). Essentially I just want everyone to be casual and comfortable, but classy... think JCrew summer catalog.
Anyhow, so with the summer apparel, the backdrop most obviously has to be a Pig Pickin'. I mean seriously, a wedding is a celebration and therefore should be all about good food, good company, and good times. I define this as a Pig Pickin'. I love barbeque. I love the South. I love the outdoors. Need I say more.

So this was pretty much all I ever wanted out of a wedding, and then i saw this preview for some show where Napoleon and Tabitha (off So You Think You Can Dance) choreograph a wedding dance for couples (they do hip hop routines), and I thought that'd be cool. I mean who wants to dance to some lovey dovey crap like Jesse McCartney's "beautiful soul" (i'm really sorry if I just offended someone), I sure don't! No of course not, I'd rather bust it out to some sick Chris Brown song like "Forever." Ha, I know, you're all thinking "and how is that better." Fair enough, I maintain the right to dismiss this part of my plans at any time. But for today at least, i think it would be cool to bust out a hip hop routine at my wedding.

Oh, and I want the groom to have the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen (hey, it's my fantasy wedding!)

So there ya go, the crazy girl side of me. Oh and when this all goes down, you're totally invited. Just remember your sunglasses and appetite!


Jamie said...

Well my mom told me I need to go ahead and figure out what I want because she's not going through what she went through with Jenna again. And have you seen TLC's Rock the Reception? I so want to do that. And is it stumbling or startling?

Carla said...

ha ha, thank you mrs. gilreath, i feel validated in my pre-relationship wedding planning. I don't know, it's probably startling at which point I should now be embarassed that I'm always singing the wrong words.

Jamie said... I dont know how either of us would've gotten unbelievable out of stumbling or startling....

Carla said...

ha ha, listen to it again... i had to look up the lyrics, but suprisingly it's unbelievable

emily l said...

you're funny lil' friend. i like your ideas. can i come too? i like bbq and the beach.

Petey said...

I'm sure Colin's down for all this. :) Ha ha.

My wedding... is planned too. But extremely expensive and as of yet, not technically legal. Oh the humanity of it all.

Kelly said...

Hi Carla. Its Kelly, Emmy's sister. I second the notion of "Rock the Reception". I about peed my pants when I first saw it.

elizabeth said...

Have you seen this wedding dance on you tube?

check it out

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