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Monday, August 11, 2008

I just witnessed perhaps one of the greatest swim races of my time. The Men's 4 x 100 Free Relay was incredible. I'm not sure there's even words to describe that relay. Basically it was the perfect relay. The U.S. team swam the perfect race to beat the highly favored French Men's Team by 8 one hundreth's of a second, not to mention shattering the previous world record by 4 seconds (that's like going from a 6 min mile to a 3.5 min mile in 2 weeks, for all you non-swimmers). And of course, as if winning gold and rubbing it in the french's face isn't good enough... Michael Phelps is now 2 for 2 in his quest for 8 gold medals in one olympics, which would make him the greatest Olympian in history. Bascially to sum this all up, I'm pretty much as ecstatic as I was when UNC won the NCAA title in 2005. I only wish that I actually had some of my swimming friends to watch it with me, or at least my little sister. Anyhow, I should probably go rest my voice now if I have any desire to talk to my tables at work tomorrow... (ha, so much to respond to that, but i'll leave it alone).

***Disclaimer: If you're already tired of my posts on the Olympics, you might want to tune out of my blog for the next 6 days... as there are many more swimming events to come***


Emily said...

I watched it too. My love for the lazy river doesn't exactly classify me as a "swimmer", but I definitely enjoy watching it. I wish we could have watched it together. It would have been magical.

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